Women “kissed by the Volcano”

“At a certain time of life, we decided to work on an idea that had been rolling around in our heads for some time, a compelling project, able to encompass the flavour and charm of our land.

So, we closed our eyes and followed our dreams, letting instinct guide us.

And if, quite simply, it is true that pleasure is man’s primary goal, that was our starting point for creating something that could grant a little bit of it.

It is a small pleasure, capable of warming up moments of relaxation or meditation, so intoxicating that it evokes thousands of sensations, that contains that special something that is irrational and fascinating, a joining of opposites, of masculine and feminine…


Indigeno was created through the free and vibrant creation of two friends: Agata, master cook and Rita, write and journalist.

There was no ancient family recipe handed down, just a shared passion for the botany of Etna and for the unusual combinations that contemplate traditional flavour with a contemporary eye and taste.

The lifeblood of Indigeno comes from pleasant excursions on Etna; from the stories of the farmers, capable of describing the wild Sicilian countryside with simple words; from the advice of expert agronomists; and from the echo of a rich and variegated culture. But especially, from profound harmony with Nature.

The desire to talk about the small pleasures of life, the immense sense of belonging to this land, and a genuine and pure desire are the origins of Indigeno.

In fact, our liqueur has no filters.

With a transparent casket, which holds the intoxicating fragrances of Sicily.

With a strong and intense flavour and bittersweet character, Indigeno is a conqueror and every sip is a true voyage towards the wildest part of Sicily.


Close your eyes and taste its essence.

Discover the primordial passion of Indigeno.