Not only wine at Vinitaly, the largest and most prestigious national showcase in the sector that every year welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world. From April 7th to 10th Amaro Indigenous will participate in the prestigious international exhibition of wines and spirits for a memorable tasting. Present within the Etna consortium section, Indigenous will be three of the excellences of Made in Italy national heritage. An honor to be part of the generous terroir of Etna, together with the other proposals of our lands, but also an occasion to make culture as protagonists and to bring high the name of Sicily.

The nature of Sicily – and especially Etna – is too generous to be limited to a single territory. Indigeno is ready to cross the Italian border to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, London. From September 7 - 9, discover our Liqueur at the Sicily Fest in Brick Lane. It is an exclusive event organised by POP UP MARKET. The press is talking about it, everyone is waiting for us, and we are ready to astonish and bewitch with our Bitter Kiss of the Volcano. read more Chronicles of Flavour > Balarm

Participation at the charity event, “Fundraising dinner 2018 – doniamo aria” led to a happy union between culinary art and charity, spotlighting conscious cuisine. It was a moment of extreme solidarity in the chosen location, Radice Pura, an enchanting and multi-functional space, surmounted by our Volcano, a symbol of strength, fertility, and creativity. It was an evening of all-around goodness, an event where good intentions and good food combined to bring forward a value system, made up of passion for our land and love for the material it produces, the same ones found in Indigeno. We would like to thank Pietro D’Agostino, Chic Chef for Sicily, (1 Michelin star, patron of the restaurant La Capinera in Taormina), Seby Sorbello, president of the Provincial Association of Etna Cooks and Chef Patron of the Etna restaurant Sabir Gourmanderie di Zafferana, and Raffaele Germaniani, Chic Director.